The waters let me go my own free way

Sailing in the Bay of Biscane Wednesday 12-6-06




In December, I brought my boat to Miami to participate in the Scope Art Fair. I proposed to ferry people across the bay of Biscane from The Flamingo Condominium to the Scope Fair. I never really made it across the bay, but click on the links below to see what happened.

"The waters let me go my own free way" is a line from an Arthur Rimbaud poem called

"The Drunken Boat"

The AC Crew, December 6

Joe Pavelka goes to Sea, December 7

Duke Riley, December 7

The Scholl's House, December 8

Carla Edwards at the Flagler Monument, December 9

Star Island, December 9

The Sagamore Hotel, December 9