Flagler Monument


Carla Edwards met me at the dock on Saturday morning.

It was pretty windy but we rowed out to the monument island.

These are all Carla's pictures. I took some pictures of our trip - but then I lost my camera later that night. (here's how I lost it)

Carla noticed that the trees on the island are filled with coconuts.

We tried to knock one of them down.

We took a walk around the island and spotted some strange prints in the sand.

And then we found out what was making them.



There is a monument on the island for Henry Flagler.


He was a real-estate developer .


From what I read on the internet - it seems like he was responsible for most of the development of Miami.

In fact he is said to be the 'father' of Miami .

So they built this island for him in 1920 .

We paddled back when Duke and Lan called us from the shore.