Anthony Lepore : Harlem River Estuary




This year the Tide and Current Taxi ran on an open schedule from May through October. The taxi took passengers to places that were accesible only by boat, using the tides and currents in the New York Harbor.

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Here are all the trips that were taken in 2006.

Lan Tuazon and Starlee Kine - North Brother Island

McKendree Key and Mike Cataldi - Rescue Mission

Duke Riley - The Greenpoint Terminal Market

Birgit Rathsmann - Hells Gate  

Tommy and Tamara - A Change of Plans

Rachel Mason - Hoffman Island

Sally Paul - Canarsie Pol  

Jackson McDade - The Staten Island Boat Graveyard  

Josiah McElheny and Anne Daems - The Gowanus Canal

Elsie Hill- The Ghost Ships of Coney Island

Roxanne Bartlet, Lan Tuazon, Mike Williams and Rich Porter- Dutch Island

Mike Olshan- The Yellow Submarine

Mike and Cynthia Parker and Matt Lorenz visit Stripes' Grave

MOMO and ZOSEN - Buena Suerta

Craig Koon - The Harlem River

Constance Wyndham, Eric Forman, Duke Riley - Hell Gate

Cyrus Amundson - the USS Intrepid

Anthony Lepore - The Harlem River Estuary