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Lan Tuazon and Starlee Kine

Clandestine Botanists

APRIL 21, 2006

Early Easter morning I set out to North Brother Island with Lan Tuazon and Starlee Kine.

Lan had the idea to plant a peach tree there in memory of Mary Mallon.

'Typhoid Mary' was imprisoned on North Brother for 23 years. She was the first known carrier of Typhoid fever.

And as a cook in New York, her favorite and most requested dish: peach ice cream.

Our plan

was to find her house

and plant the tree out front.

It was important to get to the island before the light came up.

Or we might be spotted.

North Brother is a bird sanctuary

and off limits to visitors.

But we are careful around the birds and nests.

We think we found the right spot.