Hello Marie,
As you surely know, it is spring migration and there are some amazing species of birds to be found in the New York city area this time of year.  I would like to propose a journey aboard the Tide & Current Taxi from the terminal in Greenpoint to the beach at Great Kills Park on Staten Island.  Early morning would probably be the ideal time.  Please let me know what the appropriate date for travel would be.  Thanks--looking forward to the ride!

Christopher Patch


Hey Marie-
can we go check out Hell's Gate and see if there is anytime when the currents are swimmable?  I want to stage a women's dare devil memorial stunt where we swim across Hell's Gate like Emilie Muse who did it in the 1920's.

Birgit Rathsman


hey- so i'd really like to go on a trip. i've been thinking
about it
all day.. i have a couple of ideas but i really would like your

i was thinking of going down the hudson past my piece in
riverside park
at 96th st., and maybe to the cargo bays in jersey- is that a
huge trip?
can you launch on the hudson?

Or else up the bronx river or one of it's tributaries.
But if you have any better ideas let me know.

Mckendree Key



Miss Marie,

I would like to propose a trip. I can swim but I’m very out of shape. I cannot row for the life of me. There was this one time in Cambodia that I rowed all day and I was certain my arms were going to fall off. So in case we are capsized I hold you responsible for doing all the work and saving my life. I hope that’s kool. I will be expecting your reply promptly.


Yutaka Sho