I have a sculpture up this month at a show in Bushwick.

Mark Taylor organized it in his warehouse and the show features the two of us plus Fritz Welch, Gustavo Godoy, and Jose Krapp. You can see it by making an apointment with him until June 18th (917-573-0002)

My sculpture is a huge lantern with a spinning mobile inside.

The ship spins around an island hanging from the cieling.

I was thinking about the book -The Island of the Day Before - by Umberto Echo.

It is about a man stranded on a ship in the bay of a mysterious island.


As the mobile ship passes by the cut-out window, it eclipses the projection on the wall.

The whole thing was kind of a pain to make.

I made the lantern around this colapsable structure.

And then we hauled it up to the cieling.


Here is Mark Taylor's Sculpture.

And on the left is the mold for Gustavo Godoy's cememt cast.