In September I was invited to be a visiting artist at the Kunstlerhaus in Bremen.

The whole thing was set up by my friend Patricia Lambertus, who has a studio at the Kunstlerhaus.

She lives in Wumme, though, an area about an hour away from the city.

We thought it might be interesting to explore some of the canals and rivers that connect Wumme to the port of Bremen.

These canals were carved hundreds of years ago to transport turf from the bogs around Wumme into the port city of Bremen.

In some places it looks like very little has changed.

We floated and paddled mile after mile.


And took some time to draw and paint along the way.



At some point it started to seem like we had taken a wrong turn.

The locks and shallows didn't seem to correspond with our map.

We found out later that these sand bars in the Wumme have troubled bargemen for over 500 years.


Finally we found someone who knew the river.


And we were put back on course to Bremen.


We stopped around 7 when we could feel the tide changing against us.


Technically we had made it to the city of Bremen, although there was a bus ride between us and the Kunstlerhaus.


When we got back I made some prints and drawings,


of the things that we had seen along the way.


And some things that we didn't see.